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Is your iOS device running out of space? It's a very common problem! Apps, Photos and Music take up a ton of space, and after a while your phone can become unusable. It's not easy to clean out space, most people just resort to deleting their favorite apps. But now there's a new way: PhoneExpander can clear out the temporary files that are secretly filling up your phone. In about ten minutes, PhoneExpander can make your old phone feel like new again. It's easy enough for your parents to use, so why not give it a try?

All the apps on your device leave behind a residue of temporary files, which PhoneExpander can help clear away. It's got other tricks too, which make it easy to free up gigabytes of room so you can take more photos and download more apps.


  • Clear App Caches

    There are lots of temporary files on your phone, wasting your space! In iTunes, they're simply listed as "Other", but they're impossible to remove. PhoneExpander can take them away without hurting your phone. Great news! This feature now works on new versions of iOS!

  • Find Big Apps

    Easily see how much space each of your apps are taking and delete unneeded ones all at once.

  • Remove Huge Photos

    Pictures and videos often take up the most space on your device. PhoneExpander makes it easy to back them up to your Mac and then free up the space they were using.


PhoneExpander is an app that runs on your Mac, just like iTunes. You connect your phone and then are able to deep clean your phone, doing all sorts of things which you haven't been able to do before. It takes about ten minutes to run, and you can use just one or all of the different cleaning tools. It's designed to be simple enough for your parents to use, but useful even for power users. Try it out now by downloading below!


You can obtain a full license for PhoneExpander within the app. Just click "Buy PhoneExpander" and check out without entering your credit card information.

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